At Gamescom 2019 introduced three new trailer for the game Death Stranding: video

На Gamescom 2019 представили три новых трейлера игры Death Stranding: видео

August 20, officially launched the international exhibition of computer games and gaming products Gamescom 2019. During the opening ceremony of the Studio presented a lot of interesting projects. In particular, Hideo kojima and his team showed three new trailer awaited action Death Stranding.

Stream Gamescom 2019 expected ended with the presentation of Death Stranding Hideo Kojima. Japanese developer that you adore gamers, have brought several intriguing clips that reveal the characters and the value of infants in the universe promising game.

What is Gamescom? This annual international exhibition of video games held in Cologne. It was founded in 2009. Gamescom attracts people pertaining to video games: consumers, fans, publishers, journalists and trade professionals. Gamescom is the second largest gaming event, including a total of 370 000 visitors. In the first place is another large-scale gaming event Asia Game Show.

The first movie dedicated to the Mother played by Margaret Coelli. Her child was born on the other side, so she can’t go far from the base.

Trailer Death Stranding (adult Female) – watch videos

The second shows the character – Dedman, played the famous film Director Guillermo del Toro.

Trailer Death Stranding (character Dedman) – watch videos

Made show third video – 6-minute gameplay video in which Norman Reedus walked around the amazing landscapes of the post-apocalyptic world, met a new character and quieted the baby after a fall from a cliff.

Gameplay Death Stranding – watch videos

The plot of the game. Action Death Stranding happens in the world, survived some catastrophe. Civilization is fragmented, and players will have the role of such a courier to move between the settlements of some goods and bring people together.

Release date Death Stranding. Game Hideo Kojima will be released October 8 on PlayStation 4, and in the future (according to rumors and hopes of gamers) can get to a PC.

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