At Harvard has developed an exercise that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 96%

В Гарварде разработали упражнение, снижающее риск сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний на 96%

Heart disease and blood vessels are one of the leading causes of death in the world. And although we all know that even the most simple physical exercise can significantly reduce the risk of such diseases, determination of the degree of this risk often requires many expensive clinical tests.

What if I now say that there is one simple test, which can go absolutely anywhere and the results can prevent possible health problems?

So, according to a study conducted by the National Institute of occupational safety and Harvard school of public health, there is a fairly accurate indicator, which also can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

The recently published results of this study showed that the men who can do more than 40 pushups in a row, the risk of CVD lower at 96% than those who are pressed less than 10 times in one approach.

Pushups have always been one of my favorite exercises. They give me understanding exactly what kind of physical shape I am. I regularly do push-UPS from childhood, and the number of my push UPS depends on overall health, stamina and the ability to do any other exercise.

I would even say that the number of pushups that can be done in one go, directly affects my psychological and emotional well-being. Know that with age, I can still do more push-UPS, brings me a sense of satisfaction, influencing everything I do.

Clearly only this connection is traced in the professional life, especially when it is associated with increased stress. So, during these studies the scientists ‘ attention was focused on the men working in the rapid response service. The authors of the study point to this as a factor that should be considered in future studies.

If you think that the connection is far-fetched, try to make the office a few push-UPS as soon as the situation will become stressful, you will need to make an important decision or before an important meeting. Between physical and psychological well-being, there is an undeniable and very important relationship.

I always thought of push UPS as a criterion of the level of my physical and mental health, and I never came to mind that they are the ideal indicator to assess the risk of Contracting in the GCC.

In each of the studies in this direction scientists consistently indicate the presence of a certain statistical dependence, but not talking about the existence of any causal connection. In other words, should not be regarded 41 push-UPS as an excuse for buying a huge hamburger.

Push-UPS – it’s just an indicator of what is happening to your cardiovascular system and indicates a General condition. But at the same time it is also a great statistic.

According to studies, even 11 and more push UPS already have a significant positive impact on the heart.

Unfortunately, the study was conducted on a group of firefighters, among which there was not a single female. In addition, all men were relatively active lifestyle and had a job. This means that homebodies, who find in the strength of 11 push-UPS, most likely, does not help your heart.

But there is good news. So, if you are active and can make one approach more than 11 pushups, then the risk of occurrence of CVD are already lower than in men who are not capable of.

If you train regularly, do not lead a sedentary life and can one approach it easy to do push-UPS and 40 more times, then your risk is minimal. Just keep in mind that these push-UPS should be consistent.

According to the study, the participants specifically included metronome, beat 80 beats per minute. The doctors counted the number of push-UPS until, until you hear the last beat of a metronome, until someone misses more than 3 strikes or refuses to continue, citing fatigue and other symptoms (dizziness, chest pain or shortness of breath). That is, just 60 seconds from the subjects, 41 were expecting a full push-up.

It is not surprising. The discoveries of scientists completely correspond to what we already know – good physical shape positively affects the health and life expectancy. So if you from 21 to 66 years, then you know what to do.

Now take the push-up position and quickly do 41 push-UPS!