At one point flared up – the network has shown how vases in Melitopol caught fire (video)

В один момент вспыхнул - в сети показали, как ВАЗ в Мелитополе загорелся (видео)

This morning on Avenue B. Khmelnitsky Melitopol state of emergency has occurred. Right on the roadway before the intersection with ul Sagaydachnogo broke VAZ 2101. A surveillance camera caught the moment of ignition of the car.

The footage shows that the car had a fault, which the owner tried to fix it. Suddenly at one point of the cotton under the bottom of the car and the fire quickly began to spread.

Standing next to the car quickly began to disperse from the scene to provide assistance stayed rare cars.

We will remind, to put out the fire helped by rescuers, who arrived on a call.