At the bottom of the Baltic sea have found a UFO ship

On the discovery of a strange alien object was reported by the participants of the expedition of the Ocean X team in 2011.

На дне Балтийского моря обнаружили корабль НЛО

Divers from Sweden into the Baltic sea have found a UFO ship using sonar. The object was similar to the disk whose diameter is 60 meters. However, to get to him I can not because of a sudden shutdown tehsredstv.

Dennis Asberg, a member of the team of divers, I’m sure they managed to find the object of unearthly origin. Most Swedes are surprised to disable all gadgets on the ship during the approach to the “UFO”. It is noteworthy that they were joined at a distance of 200 meters.

For 7 years there have been many versions, one of which says that the UFO is a wreck. Ufologists believe that this is the result of aliens. They do not exclude that the object is taken with a mysterious planet Nibiru.

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