At the Central railway station of Kyiv has suspended the operation of the escalator

На Центральном ж/д вокзале Киева приостановили работу эскалатора

“Ukrzaliznytsya” has started the planned repair of the escalator, running to the lift in the lobby of the Central station Kyiv-Passenger.

It is noted that the UZ plans to finish repairs until July 17, during this period, the escalator will be suspended.

“In the course of performing work will be replaced by gear main drive shaft, conveyor chain, power contactors and limit switches. All work is carried out to improve the quality of passenger service and to keep technical equipment in good condition”, – is spoken in the message.


The current escalators were installed in 2001 during the reconstruction of the station and up to the present time has nearly exhausted its lifetime. They usually work 20 hours a day and serve 20-40 thousand passengers daily.

At the end of February 2018, one of them was stopped due to extreme wear of the handrail chain and the drive.

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