At the Embassy of Italy in Kiev, activists protest

У посольства Италии в Киеве протестуют активисты

Protesters demand to release the convicted person in the Republic of Italy of the Ukrainian national guardsman Vitaly Marcia.

Hundreds of activists on Friday evening, July 12, picketing the Embassy of Italy in Ukraine, demanding the immediate release of soldier Vitaly Marcia that today a jury in Italy has sentenced to 24 years in prison for alleged murder of Italian reporter.

It is noted that in the action participate activists of the National body, and concerned citizens.

They claim that the sentence Marcelo – not just, but a political decision of the Italian court, adopted under the influence of the Russian authorities and demand the immediate and unconditional release of the Ukrainian.

The audience was kept in front of the Windows of the Embassy with a big sign Free Markiv, and smaller posters in Italian.

On the fence of the diplomatic mission also pinned a poster with the words “How much justice?”

Besides, activists brought to the Embassy a mountain of pizza boxes and shout “Freedom Vitaly Marcelo!”.