At the enterprise “Antonov” staged “hunting” for professionals

На предприятии «Антонов» устроили «охоту» на специалистов

SOE “Antonov” requires employees. Rack up as fitters and designers. To attract to work, even showed the aircraft “kitchen” inside.

This was discussed in the broadcast news program “the First about the main thing” on channel ZIK.

SOE “Antonov” has about ten thousand employees. And since the beginning of year here have an urgent need for staff. To the familiar problem of immigration has added one more concern. Due to increased orders in defense industry specialists intercept Kiev employers.

“Enterprise “Artem”, “Ray”, “Workshop on Fishing” we need the same specialists. Some of the experts resigned and went to work for other companies in a similar position,” – said Vice-President of production at SE “Antonov” Vitaly Chitak.

Work in the aviation industry can not attract their interest. Indeed, in one shop collect passenger liners and the next is the world’s largest serial transport “Ruslan”. Now the giant is undergoing maintenance.

“Changing old parts with new and do it after every landing. If there’s any problem, we eliminate it”, – said the employee of the enterprise.

The company involved more than 200 years of professions, from designers to electricians. The main requirement – a narrow-profile specialists.

“It takes stampers, blacksmiths, locksmiths closers, galvanic, casters. That is, those areas which are predominantly in demand in the aviation design industry,” said Read.

Here ready to educate its own staff and offer very competitive salaries, on average – 15 thousand hryvnias.

As noted, the user manual for SSJ-100, this situation does not require immediate landing and signal distress: the aircraft can stay in the air long enough so the pilots could safely land at the nearest airport and, if necessary, to go to the second round.

The crash killed 41 people.

Anna Bezugly, Anton Andrushchenko, “the First about the main thing”