At the EU summit failed to adopt a budget for the 2021-2027 years

На саммите ЕС не смогли принять бюджет на 2021-2027 годы

Merkel wanted more money for climate protection and macron – defense

An extraordinary European Union summit at which leaders of member countries discuss long-term EU budget for the years 2021-2027, ended inconclusively. About it writes Daily Mail.

At a press conference in Brussels after the summit, European Council President Charles Michel on February 21 noted that the mission to reach an agreement proved impossible, and the discussion proved to be quite difficult.

“Britain’s withdrawal left the block with a billion-dollar holes in their finances for seven years, and the budget battle brought to light differences between the EU member States” – describes the situation the British newspaper.

Budget at the EU summit, which started on 20 February, 27 leaders had to determine the size of the budget and approve the allocation of funds. For the period of six years, Charles Michel has proposed to allocate about one trillion euros.

“Germany, represented by Chancellor Merkel wants to spend more on climate change, while France in the person of the President of Macron is looking for more money for the common defense, and poorer countries want to keep their generous benefits in the EU. But the so-called “modest four” of Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden does not want to pay more,” notes Daily Mail.

Despite this, Charles Michel said this summit was “necessary and useful”. However, while the new date of the summit is unknown.

Earlier, the European Parliament rejected the proposed European Council the draft multi-year EU budget for 2021-27 year, declaring it unsatisfactory.