At the factory Skoda in Kvasiny set a new record

На заводе «Шкода» в Квасинах установили очередной рекорд

The Skoda Auto plant in Kvasiny has set a new production record: in 2018, the company for the first time in its history crossed the mark of 300 thousand cars. Here at modern Assembly lines produced models Skoda Superb, Kodiaq and Karoq. Last year at the plant opened a multipurpose scientific-practical center, which was an important step in preparing the site for production of electric vehicles, the press service of the Czech brand.

Skoda is one of the largest employers in the region Kralovehradecky: the company employs approximately 9 thousand employees. The company constantly optimizes production processes to provide the most efficient use of the capacity of the plant. For example, the crossover Skoda Kodiaq can be produced not only on the Assembly line of SUV models, but also on one conveyor with Skoda Superb.

In recent years, the plant in Kvasiny has undergone the most extensive modernization in its history, which spans more than 80 years. The campaign to expand the lineup in the SUV segment, which began with the start of production Kodiaq Skoda, the Czech brand has invested 11 billion Czech crowns into improving production processes. In 2018 at the plant opened a multipurpose scientific-practical centre, where he teamed up laboratory testing and quality control, logistics center and storage areas for pre-production vehicles.

In 2019, the plant in Kvasiny will start manufacturing plug-in hybrid versions of the Skoda Superb. And 2023 in line with models of Skoda Superb here Kodiaq and will start producing models of the family Volkswagen Passat.