At the G20 meeting agreed to the suppression of plastic in the oceans

На встрече G20 договорились о борьбе с пластиком в океанах

An agreement to reduce plastic waste in the oceans achieved in Japan by the Ministers of environment of the countries “big twenty”.

The first international agreement to reduce plastic waste in the oceans reached Sunday, June 16, at the G20 meeting in Japan. In the agreement formulated General rules for all the plastic pollution, said the Minister of environment of Japan Yoshiaki Harada at the end of the two-day meeting, which was attended by his colleagues from the countries “the big twenty”.

The agreement stipulates specific measures against pollution of plastic waste, supports innovation in this area and improving scientific methods of analysis and observation.

At the same time, some of the language of the agreement remain rather vague, and its implementation will be carried out on a voluntary basis.

In addition, once a year, is expected to release a report on the progress of the work in the fight against plastic waste.

The agreement reached at the G20 summit is only the first step to solving the problem, it is insufficient to rely only on voluntary action, said the Japanese branch of Greenpeace. It is necessary to adopt binding rules to combat plastic waste with clearly stated objectives and plan of action.

Every year the world ocean takes about eight million tons of plastic waste. The greatest danger of microplastics – particles smaller than five millimeters, penetrating into organisms, marine life and birds. They can get in human food.

Source: Russian service of DW