At the match “Dynamo” the second time I used VAR was known when the system will earn in the Premier League

На матче "Динамо" во второй раз использовали VAR: стало известно когда система заработает в УПЛ

November 2, match of the championship of Ukraine among teams U-21 and Dynamo and Lviv the second time the system has been used VAR.

In injury time, Kiev missed a penalty. The arbitrator, after reviewing the video of the episode, I saw that the goalkeeper “Lviv” broke the rules. Hence, Kiev is ahead from the penalty spot.

At the second attempt, Dynamo managed to score and pulled out a victory – 3:2.

Video use VAR in the match “Dynamo” – “the lions”

Friday, November 1, the system VAR was first used in Ukraine for the match Dynamo U-19. In favor of Kiev was appointed a penalty kick in the game with Karpaty.

The President of the Association of football of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko in his Facebook said when the VAR system will work in the Premier League of Ukraine. In his words, VAR may appear in 2020.

“On 22 November in Ukraine is expected a delegation of FIFA representatives and FIFA, which must be seen to ensure quality training for our specialists to use VAR. After receiving positive results of technological testing of our specialists and we will be able to obtain permission to use the VAR system in Ukraine. Then VAR will start working in UPL season with the first matches of the new year,” wrote Pavelko.

What is VAR?

System videoporama arbitrators (eng. Video assistant referee, abbreviated VAR) is a technology in football, allowing the arbiter to make decisions in controversial moments of the match, with the help of video replays. Officially included in the Rules of the game of football in 2018 after a series of tests at international tournaments.

VAR allows you to view four types of controversial issues and to help the judge make the right decision:
– violation of the rules in goals scored,
episodes with a penalty,
– an incorrect red card (the episodes with the second yellow card will not be considered)
– mistakes in the identification of punished players (helps to determine exactly who made the foul that is punishable by a card).

Thus, the system of videophones allows to formally identify and confirm or deny a “clear error”of the judge during the match.