At the meeting the President discussed the increase of pensions in 2021

На совещании у Президента обсудили повышение пенсий в 2021 году

The Minister of social policy Marina Lazebnaya at a meeting with President Vladimir Zelensky has told about preparation of new programs of increase of pensions which will be implemented in 2021.

“We are now preparing a new program to improve pensions, which will be implemented in 2021,” said Lazebnaya.

She also informed about the implementation of the initiatives of the President regarding increase in pensions of people older than 80 years, and payment of 1 thousand citizens, whose pension is less than 5 thousand UAH.

According to the Minister of social policy, the average pension in Ukraine is currently 3400 UAH, which is 13% more compared to the previous year.

Lazebnaya reported that the Fund of struggle against coronavirus allocated 2,5 billion UAH to the needs of the social insurance Fund. Insurance payments already received almost 5 thousand persons, including 1100 health care workers that are in isolation, and also three families of health workers who died in the fight against COVID-19.

“An effective state is first and foremost a strict Executive discipline. It’s not just “talked and have forgotten”. It is solely and only about the actual execution of orders”, – said Zelensky.

As reported by UKRINFORM, March 16 in the video, the President announced a surcharge of one thousand hryvnias to pensioners whose pension is less than 5 thousand UAH.

In addition, the government on 1 April adopted a resolution on the increase of pension payments and provision of social support of separate categories of the population in 2020. In particular, it envisages the establishment of monthly payments in the amount of 500 UAH pensioners over 80 years, whose pension does not exceed UAH 9205.

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