At the moment, anyone don’t negotiate, NOTE on the selection of participants for Eurovision-2019

На данный момент ни с кем переговоров не ведем, – НОТУ о подборе участников на Евровидение-2019

After the scandalous refusal of the winner of national selection of Eurovision-2019 MARUV to represent Ukraine in Israel, the network began to vigorously discuss who should be on the road to tel Aviv. However, the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine said that while no candidates have not considered.

PR-the Director of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine (NOTE) Victoria Sidorenko admitted that at the moment they don’t negotiate with any of the participants of the national selection. She stated in a live broadcast of Radio Liberty.

Today right now at this point, anyone new talks we’re not yet. We are considering all options for the further development of this situation, consultations. As a public broadcaster, we respect the choice of the audience and, of course, the results of the national selection and the trust of the audience. So when Maruv did not agree to sign the contract we offered such a contract to the participants, who took second place and the third when the second place refused,
– commented the representative of Ukraine Viktoriya Sidorenko.

After that, PR-Director NOTE added that the group Freedom Jazz Kazka and refused to participate in Eurovision-2019, when they invited them to participate by telephone. According to Victoria Sydorenko, they are not even acquainted with the terms of the contract.