At the NAB, the Prosecutor’s office and the RRT starts Safari Explorer

У НАБУ, прокуратуры и ГБР начинается сафари - обозреватель

The main message for last month ago, the meeting of Vladimir Zelensky with the head of the NABOO Artem Sytnik and head of SAP Nazar Holodnick was simple: will work fine – have a chance to remain, continue “cross-species” showdown – we’ll find someone to replace you. Helped. In the corridors of NABOO hovering light spirit of optimism, the work of the body was almost completely blocked in the last six months of Poroshenko stay in power, but now the relations of the Bureau adjusted as with other law enforcement agencies and courts.

About this in his article for ZN.UA Julia writes Samaeva. According to her, about how earned if the system is full or it is traditional for the Ukrainian justice is selective, too early to say.

“From NABOO, prosecutors and RRT starts Safari: Martynenko, Nasirov, Onishchenko, Rosenblat, Berezkin, Dubnevich, Trukhanov and other – a huge number of wild animals was left without a roof administrative and phone cover, but with a financial cushion of security. The temptation to be selective is great, – said the columnist. – Wait, for example, the announcement of the suspected case of Ukrnafta, Kolomoisky, which, according to information ZN.UA expected in 3-4 weeks and will be a litmus test of the depth of the changes”.