At the Odessa airport found the wire

В Одесском аэропорту нашли "прослушку"

The staff of regional Prosecutor’s office along with investigators of the operational divisions of the SBU in the region revealed the illegal channel leakage of private and proprietary information at the Odessa airport.

“As found by the law enforcement Agency, employees of the company who were supposed to provide programming and maintenance of equipment, in fact, could “record” the entire internal life of a strategic object of infrastructure,” – said in the message.

As note in Prosecutor’s office, “the wire” worked at that time as among the main tasks set before the enterprise was going to be the protection of information systems and operation of CCTV cameras.

“According to the investigation firm organized long-term observation and record, with more than 50 devices information regarding the service, the business activities of the facility, construction of new runways”, – told the Agency.

Among them is the possibility of unauthorized access to the surveillance cameras in the offices of border guards, customs area, operation of cash register, accounting, facilities for personal care, offices and employees of the international airport.

In addition, it is noted that the company had illegal access to the security cameras of the hall of official delegations, where there were official representatives of Ukraine and foreign States.

Law enforcement agencies check the data on the diversion and trafficking of private data from the Odessa airport.

Conducted searches in the administrative and service premises of the airport, the offices of the enterprise, the premises of employees of the firm.

Pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings proceeds.

Help. Illegal acquisition, sale or use of special technical means for obtaining information is a serious offence for which the Law provides till 7 years of imprisonment (part 2 of article 359 of the criminal code).