At the Odessa customs there was a loud Shoe scandal (video)

На Одесской таможне случился громкий обувной скандал (видео)

Revealed a daring scheme to smuggle the Odessa customs: $ 2.5 million for the three months earned smugglers, turning Scam with Shoe boxes.

Journalist Yevgeny Plinsky has published an investigation, which claims that the Odessa smuggler Vadim Alperin under the guise of acting chief of the Odessa customs of Vladimir Perederiy organized scheme to minimize taxes to affiliated companies.

The journalist published documents according to which since the appointment of Perederiy to the position of acting chief of the Odessa customs seven companies Alperin three months issued 502 of a container with shoes, weight was underestimated by 20-30%, which allowed them not to pay the budget of 2.5 million dollars.

Weight was underestimated by manipulation of the packaging which according to the documents of companies accounted for 35% of the total weight of the Shoe. In this case the standard value is 10-18%.