At the shelter near Zhitomir settled rare bear

В приюте под Житомиром поселилась редкая медведица

At the rehabilitation centre for bears “White rock” near Zhitomir has a new resident – a rare Tien-Shan bear named Chad.

About it on the page in Facebook reported the animal with HomeZoo Vasilievka, dealing with the fate of the animal, which almost his entire life spent in the circus.

“The Children were a real home! The situation is so, that the stationary cages in our center has long been occupied by local predators, so other animals can create a temporary shelter in temporary enclosures. The sequence of actions is as follows: we take animals for rehabilitation in our center and help all I can. Next, after stabilizing their physical and mental status, consider applications from other centres. After that we give the predator in the nursery, in which there are conditions for a more comfortable life. Exactly what happened with our Tien Shan belokochannoy bear Cadou. Chad was offered a place at the rehabilitation centre for bears “White rock” in the village of Berezivka, Zhytomyr region”, – stated in the message.

As told in the story of UA Zhitomir, an employee of the shelter for bears Mr Royd, 20-year-old Chad belongs to the rare subspecies Tien Shan brown bear – in Ukraine there are several tens.

“We still need some time to bear time to settle down. But we have prepared for her a good enclosure in which there are pools, trees… Here it is waiting for a good diet and veterinary care,” said the Roid.

Recall that bear orphanage “White rock” is located near Zhitomir in the village of Berezovka. It was opened in 2012. Bears here are well cared for and fed, if desired, to help them financially, the entrance to the grounds is free.