At the Zaporozhye resort has illegal children’s camp

На запорожском курорте работает нелегальный детский лагерь

On the Berdyansk Spit took organized groups of children under the guise of the recreation.

At the meeting of the Commission for emergency situations the Deputy mayor Julia Dojnova reported that on 1 July in Berdyansk Executive Committee addressed one of the enterprises of the resort sphere, namely, baby Wellness institution, for the purpose of obtaining permits to work in the summer as a health institution of the family type. This facility is located on the Berdyansk spit, on the street Dezhneva, 2. It is reported About.Berdyansk.

Already the 3rd of July, the Commission went to the scene to conduct a survey of the institution is the children’s camp “solar” in which the state foods and consumer service were revealed minor violations and comments made.

But, July 6, in the operational headquarters for coordinating the Wellness company, residents of Berdyansk sent photo and video materials on which depicted an organized group of children on the beach this institution. Immediately, a survey was conducted on this fact and the group of children in number of 23 persons + 5 accompanying adults.

According to the information on July 7, in children’s camp “solar” came another organized group of children and now they have about 50 people.

At the moment the mayor Vladimir Chepurnoy signed a letter to the National police and the Department of Gospodarevskaya, because today it is a prohibited activity. The Cabinet has not allowed the work of children’s recreation camps in the conditions of adaptive quarantine.

The city Council Secretary Olexiy Cold made the offer to send a request to the Berdyansk Prosecutor’s office with the purpose of control on this issue.