At this time there: divers in the Heat have not found the drowned man (photo)

На этот раз обошлось: водолазы в Горячке не обнаружили утопленника (фото)

Several hours of continued search operations in the lake Fever. For this to Melitopol arrived divers Department gschs of Zaporozhye. Fortunately, this time, the search proved fruitless.

A team of divers in Melitopol called the police. Yesterday they were contacted by a man who claimed that the water ran into a human hand. Moreover, in social networks appeared information about the fact that the banks are still things of the man who went to swim and never returned. Supposedly he was seen diving into the lake, and then he just disappeared.

Official comments the police has not yet given. Employees of gschs warn that lake and found nothing.

The search lasted for about an hour. Zaporizhia divers “combed” part of the lake where supposedly stumbled upon the corpse. In the place which was pointed out by witnesses, found an old tyre. The divers, who worked on Fever, appeared here for the first time. They noted that the bottom is indeed very dangerous, with sudden changes in depths.

During the search to the lake approached a local resident, who clarified the situation on the shore of forgotten things. According to him, their owner had too much to drink with alcohol in his shorts and went home.

We hope that the information about the floater was just a false alarm.

The police read the RIA Melitopol later.

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