“Atlanta” Leon lost “Indiana”, “Lakers” Mikhaylyuk was defeated by “Orlando”: video 24 Channel

"Атланта" Леня програла "Індіані", "Лейкерс" Михайлюка зазнав поразки від "Орландо": відео - 24 Канал

Two Ukrainian basketball player took part in another match of the regular season NBA Alexei Laziness played the “Atlanta” in a match against “Indiana”, and Sviatoslav mykhailiuk over the Lakers in the game against Orlando. Both games took place on the road. And in both matches the team lost the Ukrainians.

“Atlanta” a match against “Indiana” has lost with a difference in eight points – 97:89. Although the third quarter started with an advantage of +9, which is brought to a +14. However, in this quarter, the team failed, allowing the later “Indiana” to come forward. More the home team their advantage was not released.

Laziness on the Playground spent more than 20 minutes, which earned 5 points, had two assists and four rebounds. His performance was +6.

Indiana – Atlanta 97:89 (25:24, 22:32, 26:16, 24:17)

His playing time for the Lakers received Mikhailyuk. However, this did not help his team to win. At this time, “ozeriany” conceded “Orlando”. If you won in the first quarter, from the second the advantage was on the side of “Orlando”. In the third quarter advantage of owners of a platform have reached 21 points. In the end, 130:117.

Mikhailyuk played more than 10 minutes. During this time he scored 8 points – trehochkovy two (out of three) and two more foul shots. To his credit, no assists, no rebounds. And its performance was +5.

Orlando – Lakers 130:117 (25:31, 37:22, 38:28, 30:36)


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