Atlético and real Madrid are unable to determine the strongest in Derby

"Атлетико" и "Реал" не смогли определить сильнейшего в дерби

28 September in a Madrid Derby between atlético and real Madrid, the winner was not. The teams played a nil draw.

Atletico – Real 0:0

Whether the team were saving strength for the Champions League, or just didn’t want to risk in the beginning of the championship, but the fact remains – goals spectators have not seen.

Huge merit in it belongs to the goalkeeper “plans” to the Cloud. He saved atlético several times in the first half, his goal was threatened Kroos, in the second dangerous shot Benzema. And the best moment was at Bale, but he did not hit the target from a good position.

The other team tried to score star rookie Feliz, but not much spice and not created.

The team of Zinedine Zidane scored 15 points and came in first place in La Liga. Atletico with 14 points is third, behind the Granada, where better goal difference. Barcelona has 13 points and is in fourth place.