Atlético have made a comeback in the game with Juventus, played at the last minute: video

"Атлетико" совершил камбэк в игре с "Ювентусом", отыгравшись на последних минутах: видео

Atletico Madrid on 18 September in the first round of the Champions League took Turin “Juventus”. Of the teams resulted in a draw, and since last played, losing to two goals.

Atletico Madrid – Juventus 2:2
Goals: Savic, 70, Herrera, 90 – Cuadrado, 48, Matuidi, 65

In the spring of Juventus and Atletico Madrid staged a dramatic showdown in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. Juventus have managed to make a comeback and reached the quarter-finals. “Plans” that summer made the purge, sought to take revenge.

In the first half, the spectators were treated to a battle of tactics: two teams made only 5 shots on target. And these shots did not carry extreme danger. Bright in the first half, joão Feliz. On 11 minutes he went to the dribble, and then with the penalty shot into the lower right corner. Wojciech Szczesny was calm and made a good save.

Two minutes later joão Feliz jumped above all to close the canopy with a header. Wojciech Szczesny into a cool hop got the ball. The first half ended without goals scored.

Immediately after the break, Juventus opened the scoring in the game. Higuain ran away from defenders, “Atletico” and went with a pass to the flank, Cuadrado. Although “plans” got back in defense, but to prevent to score a goal Cuadrado, they could not. The Colombian fired a powerful shot into the far corner and left no chance to Jan Cloud.

60 minutes “plans” have played a great hand in the penalty area of Juventus. Trippie gave a pass into the penalty area on Koke, and he brought on the attack of Saule. The Spaniard with a fine position sent the ball over the crossbar. Despite the fact that they had the advantage, score a goal again, it was able to Italians.

French midfielder Blaise Matuidi header completed a pass to Alex Sandro – 2: 0 and the situation for atlético looked critical. After 5 minutes the wards Diego Simion managed to play one ball.

After a pass with a penalty kick Jimenez dropped on the Savic and the Madrid defender sent the ball into the net.

A 73 minute “Juventus” had to score the third goal against Juventus. Gonzalo Higuain burst into the penalty area and struck a shot into the left corner Yan Cloud was on the ball and hit the ball. It was the victory of Juventus. And 90 minute, Herrera played well in the penalty area of Juventus and snatched for the hosts a draw.

Match highlights of the match Atletico Madrid – Juventus