Atletico-Juventus: prediction of the bookmakers on the match of the Champions League and Ronaldo goal or Griezmann

Атлетико-Ювентус: прогноз букмекеров на матч Лиги чемпионов и гол Роналду или Гризманна

Wednesday, February 20, Spanish club atlético de Madrid will play against Italian “Juventus” the first match of 1/8 final of the Champions League. Bookmakers estimated the chances of the teams as the victory in this match and the passage to the quarterfinals of the tournament. And scored the top forwards Antoine Griezmann and real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo in the goal.

Despite the fact that teams are playing first match at the Atletico Madrid, both teams have almost equal chances to win in this match. So, in William Hill to win the Spanish team has exposed a factor of 2.75. That wins Juventus – 2,80. A draw in the first match between these teams priced 3.00.

Concerning the passage to the next round, then there is more chances “Juventus” – 1,50 2,50 in opposition to the passage of Atletico Madrid.

This match will also be confrontation of two top forwards Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus. On goal first of them in this match ratio of 2.50. That match will differ Ronaldo – 2,37.

In PariMatch odds to win Atletico Madrid and Juventus in this match level of 2.85. The odds that the team was not able to identify the strongest and will play in a draw is 3.00.

However, the passage to the next round the chances of Atletico Madrid, according to bookmakers, is much lower than 2.67. In this passage, Juventus almost unchanged from the previous – 1,51.

Regarding the confrontation between Griezmann and Ronaldo, goal striker, atlético estimated 2.95. Resultant impact Ronaldo has a rate of 2.55.

But in “Favorite sport” in the first match gave preference to “Juventus” – 2,71 their victory. To win, “Atletico” – 2,92. A draw in the match – 3,05.

The odds of Juventus to advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League almost twice that of their rivals – 1,44 2,80 against the passage of Atletico Madrid.

Match atlético – Juventus will take place on Wednesday, February 20. The match starts at 22:00. Video of goals and video game review on Sport 24.