Attack with a fork in Exactly the alien crippled wife

Нападение с вилкой: в Ровно иностранец покалечил жену

In Rivne, the police arrested a foreigner who with a fork tried to kill his wife, and before that with a stick and a bayonet-a knife attacked a man for refusing to take him to the regional center.

About this Bagnet learned from the message of Department of communication police

Rivne region

According to militiamen, on July 27 they received the message from the inhabitant of the regional center that her neighbor, a man inflicts bodily harm.

“The police found that the 38-year-old foreign national, who resides in the territory of our country, visited his 35-year-old wife in Exactly. Because spouses are under divorce between the couple had a conflict, during which the man began to put the woman’s injuries, including a fork. The victim managed to escape to the neighbors and called an ambulance and informed the police,” – said the press service.

Doctors diagnosed the victim multiple stab wounds to the face and shoulder. She was hospitalized in the hospital.

On the fact of infliction of intentional slight bodily injury, which caused short-term health disorder, law enforcement authorities began pre-judicial investigation on preliminary legal qualification of part 2 of article 125 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

July 28, Rivne police found the foreigner in one of the streets of the regional center. By outward appearances, he was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, but the medical examination, he refused.

In addition, it was found that 38-year-old man was involved in committing hooliganism with a use of the object which is specially prepared for drawing injuries. It turned out that on 24 July, while in the village of Derman Zdolbuniv district, the alien addressed 44-the summer local resident that he took it to Exactly, but was refused.

Between men there was a conflict in which 38-year-old striker was hit with a wooden stick of a friend, and then began to threaten the bayonet. Now the issue of the message to the man about suspicion in Commission of crime, provided by part 4 of article 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine and the election of a preventive measure.