Attackers have learned to “clean” credit card, using the phone number

Злоумышленники научились «чистить» банковские карты, используя номер телефона

Criminals withdraw money from foreign cards and take out loans using the phone number.

You woke up in the morning, and the SIM card in the phone is inactive. In the e-mail message to reset your password in online banking and writing about the design of fast loans. During the night, the fraudsters can clean out your Bank card and “hang” on you debts.

A Scam is very simple. An attacker need only your phone number that is bound to a Bank card. How not to lose money and and here mobile phone number?

First lost connection, and then the money

The lack of communication Alexander noticed as soon as I woke up. SIM card his wife Elena was also offline. The man immediately called the contact center operator, and he reported both numbers blocked. Someone at three in the morning to perform the operation “Replace SIM card”.

Remotely, this service provides Vodafone and Kyivstar. For example, Vodafone is enough to buy a new SIM card and call the operator. The test consists of a question on what two numbers you called most often, or when and for what amount was last set. You then need to specify the serial number of the new SIM card. For a while, and – ready, the phone number transferred to new SIM card. Kyivstar offers to replace the SIM card using USSD. With new card you can enter the code of the query in which you specify the old phone number and 8 digit PUK1. Request the operator to fulfill promises seven hours.

On email Alexander noticed the letters from the two companies that make loans online. Someone designed on Alexander and Helena loans in total amount of UAH 9500. 4000 UAH fraudsters withdrew from Bank cards. Bank cards and profiles on the websites of the online lending – all tied to mobile numbers. After securing financial phone number, scammers have restored access to online banking.

This is just one of many examples in the Judicial registry of Ukraine. After a dozen instances, banks have complicated the password recovery, and operators – replace the SIM card. For example, the phone number is immediately sent a warning about the SIM card. The message added instructions what to do if the SIM card you put in.

However, this does not mean that the scammers will find another way.

Financial phone number – it’s like a passport or INN

More than 95% of telephone numbers of Ukrainians – anonymous. SIM card not fixed to a specific person, say to Vodafone Ukraine. To verify the identity of the owner of the number is very difficult.

Therefore, the operator checks the information that should be known only to the owner of the number. For example, the number to which the client calls often, puk code, which is found on your starter pack, amount and time of the last refill.

“Fraudsters are various ways to learn this?? information from customers: call and interrupt the conversation, asking to call back, appear to be employees of the Telecom company or Bank to get personal information from the owner of the SIM card, charge the account of the owner of the SIM card. They make up such scenarios in which you can without arousing suspicion, to obtain the necessary information from the owner of the SIM card”, – told in the Vodafone Ukraine.

90% of all fraudulent acts committed with the participation of the clients themselves. The scammers simply collect “dossiers” on the victim. Phone number as the account number, the customer reports at the conclusion of contracts for the payment of utility bills, school or other regular payments. Passport number client shows everywhere, for example, when sending or receiving parcels in the mail. Then to access the client’s funds – this is a technical question.

“According to the contract that the client signs with the Bank, the fiscal number is enough information to identify the customer in the Bank. If for some reason the client loses control over his phone number and the last goes to the fraudsters, with the help of certain actions, such as remote SIM card, the scammers can gain access to the first messages, and then to the Internet banking. If we talk about fraud with SIM cards, it is important to understand that the mobile operator by changing the SIM card without the consent of his client, actually change the customer for the Bank. It’s still that theft of the passport or INN,” says Taras Basire, the head of financial-economic security of the Bank.

Single room – for communication, the other – financial

Banks and operators continuously enhance data protection of its customers. But about the security of their data should think every.

For communication and for financial services it is best to have two different SIM cards. The phone number for which secured Bank card, it is not necessary to place in ads, on social media, to disclose to third parties. This phone contact only with the banks.

“To protect himself, the client must bind the phone number to the passport. In practice, this means that the mobile operator will replace the SIM card only when the customer’s identification with a passport, and not only upon request by telephone,” says Taras Basire.

Mobile operators offer the service “of the ban on remote a replacement SIM card”. If activated, a change card will be available only in the store operator.