Attempted suicide, drowning, forest fire: week from police and rescue workers

Попытка самоубийства, утопление, лесной пожар: итоги недели от полиции и спасателей

For the current week, there was a lot of comings. Fortunately, emergency services were always there when I need them.

In the media center Informant held a press conference where all told Ruslan Mural – head of emergency response state emergency service of Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk region and Lyudmila Kopylenko inspector a press-services of management of patrol police in the Dnipropetrovsk region.


Because of the heat, as expected, the DSNs had a lot of work and exits, half of which is the trips to the fire. Burned mostly grass and garbage in forests, plantations and fields – 260 visits. Increased the number of accidents on the water. Last week recorded 5 incidents, and only one of them rescuers managed to save the man. Among the dead in the water have 1 child, he drowned in his career. All the accidents occurred in the river.

Also rescuers from all over the Dnipropetrovsk region, namely 54 people personnel and 10 units of equipment that have been sent to the Luhansk region for the elimination of a forest fire the previous week and a groups. Today, the units were given a retreat, soon they will return to places of permanent location.

In total over the past week in emergency, 8 people died (including a child), injured 13 people (including two children) and saved 21 people (with one child). In most cases killed and injured in fires.

Of the cases in the water: managed to save the man, who according to initial information fell into the water in the area Sichevskyi the waterfront, 27. The circumstances of the fall are unknown. The injured were given first ambulance.

As for the death of 10-year-old boy who was swimming at the quarry in the Amur-Nizhnedneprovskiy area outside Sea Catarata, 63. According to witnesses, the child ducked under the water and never surfaced. From the water it pulled resting on the ground. Unit SCP and the ambulance at the same time arrived at the scene and pronounced him dead, to save the boy failed. Parental information verified by law enforcement authorities.


3 patrol handled thousands of calls 2571 and amounted to administrative Protocol. 2000 calls for a traffic violation and 127 for driving transport in a state of intoxication, violation of public order – 250. Last week – 94 accidents, including 12 victims. 3 assaults – and all are opened. From 7 attacks in “hot pursuit” solved 5.

July 6 evening, the water patrol saw poachers in the Kakhovka reservoir, near the village of Visitorswe. Two men on a motor boat without Board rooms trying to get away from police when they began to get closer to him. The suspects then stopped and threw it in the water the bag in white. A cursory examination of the boat found oxygen tanks, masks, fins and suit for diving, and in the bag – 425 cancers. The amount of damage – more than 10 thousand hryvnia. The inspector of environmental police made administrative contracts in violation of the fishing rules, as well as into place caused it is investigative-task force to investigate possible criminal case on the illegal occupation of fishing.

Open robbery occurred on the night of 7 July. In the Amur-Nizhnedneprovskiy district a man was attacked by several people, struck with a knife, took my phone and bag. To assist the victim to a place called the medics, and the patrol began searching for the alleged perpetrators. Soon in one of the yards they saw a company of three. A cursory examination, they found a knife, a bag and a phone.

A similar incident occurred in a newly-Kodak area: male reported that he was approached by an unfamiliar young man, broke and took the phone. According to the obtained signs of the patrol began to conduct investigative and operational activities in one of the courtyards on the street metrostroiteley, after a failed escape, was detained for similar orientation of the man. After the Complainant identified him as her abuser. The subject of the theft was also found in detention.

9 Jul patrol warned two suicide attempts. To the specialline patrol police received a call with a request for assistance from the 48-year-old woman. She reported on domestic violence and threats to her family. The attacker was the son of savici. When the police arrived on the scene, a man in an alcohol intoxication has found the patrol, which arrived on a call. He was climbing through the window on the 12th floor. Thanks to the quick actions of human rights defenders, the man managed to stop in time. By examination the police vyyasnili that this was not the first suicide attempt.

The same day (9 July), the Coastal resident of the street called the police with a complaint against the ex-husband who got into an argument and threaten to end life. After the arrival of the operational group of the man was found in the attic with a blade in his mouth. The suicide attempt was terminated due to the conversation with the patrol, they also called an ambulance mental health care with subsequent referral to hospital.

On weekends the patrol police of the city, the Dnieper was discovered 86 bushes of plants similar to a narcotic in the territory of private yard in the alley Vesnina. The owner, 26-year-old man complained to his friend, who said that 2 of his friends while relaxing on the street Mykoly Bazhana by fraud seized the phone of the applicant and left in an unknown direction. And when the police arrived to the specified address of one of the suspects they have found the part of the plant similar to hemp. As it turned out the telephone number of the victim was sold to the pawn shop men informed. At the place of action was caused by a group of investigative and operational group of the Shevchenko district police.

Also, thanks to concerned citizens, July 12, about 14 hours, it was reported that the two men were transported to the dumpster metal pipe stolen from businesses on the street Working. After checking the nearest point of reception of metal was discovered 6 stolen pipes. To the place of events caused law enforcement officials and representatives of the company. And probable intruders Chechelovskoe was taken to the police station.

Попытка самоубийства, утопление, лесной пожар: итоги недели от полиции и спасателей

Попытка самоубийства, утопление, лесной пожар: итоги недели от полиции и спасателей