Attempting to ride the jet ski has deprived the resident of the United States of the ability to have children

Попытка прокатиться на гидроцикле лишила жительницу США возможности иметь детей

28-year-old American Tessa Fleming was seriously injured, which will never be able to have children. All the result of her attempts for the first time to ride a jet ski.

This tragic event, told the New York Post. A resident of the United States decided for the first time to ride a jet ski. Tessa Fleming was neither lihatskij or risky person, she observed all the precautions – wearing a life vest and how he advised her the driver of the jet ski firmly took hold of grab bars. However, after a few minutes after the jet was opened, the young woman fell backwards, and the motor of the jet ski caused her horrific injuries.

When the victim was hospitalized, it turned out that the motor ripped her large intestine and two of the main blood vessel that caused blood poisoning. Also Tessa was damaged bladder, cut the pelvis and reproductive organs. These injuries have deprived woman of the ability to have children in the future.

Because of the seriousness of the injuries the doctors were forced to put the patient in a medically induced coma. In total during the year, Tessa has endured eight surgeries, she began to have problems with alopecia. American tries not to lose heart, she is glad that she finally got rid of colostomy bowel that had caused her discomfort and made a lot of experiences.

Now Tessa Fleming is suing the manufacturer of personal watercraft.

“People really don’t know what the jet skis can cause serious injury. I hope that the story Tess will help to raise their awareness,” – said the lawyer of the victim Michael Ronemus.