Audi electric vehicles will allow owners to earn money by selling solar energy: the prototype is already being tested

Электромобили Audi позволят владельцам зарабатывать на продаже солнечной энергии: прототип уже тестируется

The company Audi has decided to create for owners of electric cars extra incentive to go on transport on electricity. This incentive should be the ability to sell surplus electricity that will produce solar panels in the design of electric vehicles.

Still among the largest automakers a clear interest in so-called bidirectional systems electric vehicle charging Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) or Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) was presented by Nissan. System V2H and V2G allow you to connect the electric grid to power electrical appliances at home or, in the second case, to supply electricity in the public grid. In fact, for sale to the state or to other subscribers. Naturally, this only makes sense when the electric car can generate electricity, for example, with the help of installed solar panels.

For testing such systems Audi has created experimental stand, as stated in the latest press release. Side experienced the power circuit of the electric vehicle is directly connected to junction box “home” and back-up power source with a capacity of 9 kWh. Direct transfer to DC without conversion significantly reduces losses and increases the efficiency of such platforms.

It is obvious that this advantage can immediately and almost without cost are the owners of home solar installations. These people already have all the necessary infrastructure for the collection and use of solar energy and are probably familiar with the system of sale of surplus in the common grid.

The Audi believe that their proposal will make people more active to expand home solar installation, which will be an indirect benefit after the advent of electric cars with integrated solar panels. A day like this electric car can sell in the network expensive at this time of day the electricity, and at night will charge the batteries from city power at preferential rates. Unfortunately, the commercial readiness of the project are not reported.