Audi impressed the automotive world state of the art optics

Audi впечатлит автомобильный мир ультрасовременной оптикой

The latest technology of car lighting equipped with advanced electronics.

Osram Continental, a joint venture of two automobile companies, showed a headlights, which provide significantly greater detail than the now popular multi-beam headlights. This is to avoid blinding drivers of oncoming traffic.

In prototypes of the headlights that test for the Audi A6, there are 8 092 light pixels individually controlled in eight led chips. The new system allows you to automatically disable some of their number when approaching an oncoming vehicle or obstacle detection on the edge of the carriageway.

As stated by the head of perspective development Department of Osram Continental Michael Rosenauer, the project was developed about three years. In the near future plan to increase the level of detail and number of pixels on the module, namely 25 000 compared with the current 1 024.

This kind of technology are already used in the Mercedes-Maybach S-class. Developers Osram Continental promise that their technology will be much cheaper.

Audi впечатлит автомобильный мир ультрасовременной оптикой