Audi launches a new project “Artemis”

Audi запускает новый проект «Артемида»

Audi has revealed plans for “high-tech project”, known as “Artemis”, in which already in 2024 will be new “high-performance electric vehicle.”

It is known that the project will be headed by Alex Hitzinger, which is currently responsible for Autonomous driving Volkswagen and has previously held the position of technical Director of the Porsche LMP1 project. Audi claims that Hitzinger will be responsible for the development of innovative models that could potentially use resources and technology from other members of the Volkswagen Group.

Audi says the project will create a “high performance electric vehicle” that can be launched in 2024. The manufacturer also suggested that the model of the electric vehicle may have a new technology and a “highly automated” driving system. In addition, the creative team Audi “develop a rich ecosystem around the car, thus developing a new business model for the stage of use.”

Details Audi was not disclosed, but presumably the model will ride on one of the previously announced platforms of electric vehicles of the company. Perhaps the MLB evo will seem wrong, but Audi also plans to produce electric cars based architectures J1, MEB and PPE. The model J1 is focused on performance, and model MEB – na availability. On the other hand, the platform PPE is designed to support a full-size and luxury models and can be used as station wagons and crossovers.

In addition to the development of the mysterious model, the Artemis project “will provide a plan for rapid and flexible development process in the Volkswagen Group”, in which the team from Ingolstadt will work around the world and have “a greater degree of freedom”. Ideally, this will allow it to respond quickly to market demands and to create faster cars.

“By 2029, it is planned 75 electric models and electric current initiative of the Volkswagen Group naturally binds all our options.

The obvious question was how we could implement an optional high-tech tests, without compromising the handling of the existing projects and at the same time to exploit new opportunities in the markets”, – quotes the General Director of Audi Marcus Duesmann.

Audi запускает новый проект «Артемида»

Audi запускает новый проект «Артемида»