Auditor-Yulia Pankova openly about the divorce: I didn’t know the man, whom she married

Ревизор Юлия Панкова откровенно о разводе: Я не узнавала того человека, за которого вышла замуж

Heart Yulia Pankova open to new relationships.

In early July, host of “Inspector” Julia Pankova shocked his fans with news about the separation with her husband. Six months later, relations the girl decided to divorce.

In his recent interview in the framework of the project “Maslivka” the presenter told us that during the quarantine, many people she saw on the other side: someone opened good, while others showed his black insides.

Julia Pankova husband / press-service.

Also Pankov admitted that was the reason for the divorce. And admitted that she gave the relationship a second chance. A couple tried, but nothing happened.

For me quarantine is a kind of darkroom paper, or like a wrinkle in time, – said Yulia Pankova. Very people have started themselves in different ways to exercise. And those who have sat in evil or some kind of dark – she began to show itself, just as good. I have a lot of people dropped out. I saw people in their present form. During the quarantine, I divorced with my husband. I was quite difficult because we were recently married. But I am extremely grateful to the quarantine, because I very quickly found for myself. Very fast, lightning fast. Unfortunately, there is a perception that after marriage, after printing in the passport changes nothing. I have, unfortunately, a lot has changed. And radically changed. I don’t know the man was married. I first realized that something was wrong, but then I thought no, it’ll be back. And for a long enough period of time I considered this situation from the outside. And then I gave us a chance, talked very honestly suggested to go to the mediator. We tried – we failed. And we decided to leave. I’m at the beginning of our married life felt very full, and this fullness I was very inspired. And then, unfortunately, all came to naught. And I realized that it’s your choice – continue to suffer or not. I don’t want 70 years to hear a toast from his grandson, who says: “For the wise grandmother, who lived an unhappy life because she was suffering”.

Ревизор Юлия Панкова откровенно о разводе: Я не узнавала того человека, за которого вышла замуж