August 10 – what a holiday today and the day of the angel

10 августа - какой сегодня праздник и день ангела

August 10 is the 222 day of the year to the end of the year is 143 days. The people celebrate the day of Prokhory Parmany and several large parties. There are signs in this day, which tells you a lot, and there are things that can not be done. We will tell all about August 10 in this article.


  • Birthday August 10 – the day of the angel
  • Omens and rituals – what can and cannot be done on August 10
  • In this day were born
  • The events of August 10 in history

Holidays on August 10 international day of biodiesel

Every year on August 10 is celebrated as international biodiesel day. This unofficial holiday clean fuel was established in memory of its first use, August 10, 1893, was running the engine on fuel, which became the basis of peanut butter, and to disseminate information about the benefits of biodiesel.Currently biofuels used for vehicles in pure form and in the form of various blends with diesel fuel.

The production of “clean” energy to the biological of regulatory consolidated and actively developing 48 countries, among which USA, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Canada, etc. In the EU mostly of biodiesel from agricultural products began to be produced in 1992, and 10 years later, it was the 245 plants for the production of biodiesel with a total capacity of 22 million tons. Many countries have developed program for partial replacement of petroleum motor fuels with various types of biofuels, including biodiesel.

Birthday August 10 – the day of the angel

On this day a happy name day congratulations:

  • Anastasia;
  • Antonina;
  • Basil;
  • Elena;
  • Yefim;
  • Ivan;
  • Irina;
  • Moses;
  • Nikanor;
  • Nicholas;
  • Paul;
  • Prokhor;
  • Sergey;
  • Julian.

Omens and rituals – what can and cannot be done on August 10

Give say that those born on this day, attract luck, where you can share with loved ones. And one more thing:


  • To those who this date was going to go to the forest to pick berries, you need first assembled glass sure to give it to someone else, but not to take;
  • Under this tradition, next year you will be able to gather a rich harvest;
  • If you happen to gain a lot of berries or mushrooms, then in any case you can’t tell anyone about where exactly are the “good” places, otherwise you will cheat the devil;
  • The woman in the thicket need to go only in a good mood, otherwise she will return home with an empty basket;
  • There is a strange custom of eating a pear because she is able to calm the violent temper of the man and return him to inner peace;
  • If you are in doubt about what decision to take, eat this fruit at sunset – the truth will be revealed to you in the night.


  • If the crows, jackdaws or rooks shouted loudly and walk on the grass, the approaching bad weather;
  • Noticed in the night sky the stars twinkle much, and in the morning all overcast during the day we may have a thunderstorm;
  • Appeared on the horizon Cirrus clouds, and if you stand facing towards the wind, they are right, then after 10-36 hours to begin the long rains;
  • It was raining, but the wind was not up – inclement weather will be delayed for a long time;
  • This morning had a heavy dew or clouds float very high, so will bright and Sunny day.

In this day were born

  • 1702 – Stepan Apraksin – Russian military and statesman, General-field Marshal;
  • 1814 – Henri nestlé, a Swiss pharmacist, businessman and founder of the company “Nestle”;
  • 1845 – Abai Kunanbayev – the Kazakh poet, thinker and translator;
  • 1865 – Alexander Glazunov – Russian composer, conductor, musical and public figure;
  • 1874 – Herbert Hoover – 31st U.S. President (1929-1933), American statesman;
  • 1889 – Charles Darrow – American entrepreneur, Creator of the Board game “Monopoly”.

The events of August 10 in history

  • 70 – The Destruction Of The Second Temple In Jerusalem;
  • 1500 – Diogo Dias discovered the island of Madagascar;
  • 1675 – the first stone was Laid in the Foundation of the Greenwich Observatory;
  • 1792 – In Paris, the popular uprising;
  • 1793 – the Louvre First opened to the public as the national art Museum.

10 августа - какой сегодня праздник и день ангела

10 августа - какой сегодня праздник и день ангела

10 августа - какой сегодня праздник и день ангела