Australian fisherman caught a giant head of a dead shark (photo)

Австралийский рыбак выловил гигантскую голову мертвой акулы (фото)

In the coastal waters of Australia fishermen caught a giant head of a dead shark weighed about 100 pounds. The photo of her he posted on his Facebook page.

“This is all that remains of this Mako shark. Sorry, we didn’t see who had bitten her head off, but it’s someone incredibly huge! Only one head weighs about 100 kilograms,” said the man in the publication

Users in the comments agreed that it was a very large size tiger shark. They also suggested that the predator was killed due to an attack or two other sharks, or orcas.

It is known that a shark of this species can reach in weight to half a ton and reach a length of up to 3.8 metres.