Australian scientists explain why coronavirus is so weird

Австралийские ученые объяснили, почему коронавирус такой странный

Most importantly: Scientists from Australia reported a strange property of the coronavirus. SARS-CoV-2 if specially created for men.

Details: Australian scientists told about the strange property of the coronavirus. As quoted by the explorers edition of the Daily Mail, the fact that SARS-CoV-2 “are most easily adapted to the cells is a man, not other types”.

They noted that this is different coronavirus from all other viruses.

Scientists say: “the Coronavirus is associated with ACE2 receptor with a pointed protein the harder it can join, the less the probability of its disappearance from the body”.

They noted that “even the strain of infection, spread from bats, were not nearly so well adapted to its bearer”.

It is reported that the researchers “failed to detect the species, at the coronavirus would have received the same distribution as men.”

The topic may 27, 2020 it was reported that British scientists have found about a mutation of the coronavirus something good.

25 may 2020 it became known that the flu shot increases the chances of Contracting coronavirus.