Authorities have shot peace protest action, there are victims: “had”

Власти расстреляли мирную акцию протеста, есть жертвы: «были вынуждены»

Protesters unarmed people opened fire snipers

The shooting killed five people.

Snipers opened fire on protesters in the town of El Obeid in North Kordofan state in Sudan on Monday, 29 July. It is reported that the was shot five students, the magazine writes Anadolu.

“Five students were killed during protests in Central Sudan,” said the Central Committee of the Sudanese doctors.

Later, the city Bahari began violent protests in protest against the killing of students. According to eyewitnesses, the protesters blocked the main roads in Bahari and set fire to tires. On the streets, hundreds of angry demonstrators.

Acting Governor of Northern Kordofan al-Sadiq al-Taieb, Abdullah introduced in the region under curfew. The Committee on security of the state has decided to suspend all school activities in the state “to protect the lives of students and citizens.”

Note that on 29 April in Sudan held a rally to put pressure on the transitional military Council of the country, which promised to transfer power to a civilian administration.

As previously reported, in Russia has matured and implemented large-scale protests against the current government – the Russians increasingly began to Express their decisive “no” to tyranny of the Kremlin and of President Vladimir Putin, in particular.

We will remind that on Saturday, July 27, Moscow engulfed large-scale protest rally is not passed peacefully, were arrested and beaten hundreds of people. A riot in Moscow escalated into a massacre. In the heart of the Russian capital hosted a large-scale protest, demanding registration of independent candidates in the elections to the Moscow city Duma.

So to city hall on Tverskaya street sent police officers who started to detain protesters. Total for the day, Russian security forces detained near the Moscow city hall more than 500 people. People smash face in blood, beaten in the street.

During the same meeting in the capital of the Russian Federation the President of the country stayed in a submersible – he came to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland.

The network is rolling a huge wave of indignation in connection with demonstration act of Putin, they say, stayed while in the heart of Russia to create a real hell.

Note that the Russian President did not even bother to comment on the harsh crackdown of protesters in Moscow: “While in Moscow to protest against the arbitrariness of election commissions hundreds of detained demonstrators, 66-year-old pensioner got into the bathyscaphe and dived to the bottom,” wrote a user Alexey Koshcheev Twitter.

Власти расстреляли мирную акцию протеста, есть жертвы: «были вынуждены»

Власти расстреляли мирную акцию протеста, есть жертвы: «были вынуждены»