Autogas is falling rapidly in price: cheaper 11 hryvnia

Автогаз стремительно падает в цене: дешевле 11 гривен

Autogas immodestly dropped in price. The price tag has dropped even below the level of 11 UAH./l

For the price of a liter of fuel decreased by as much as 20 cents.

Autogas does not stop rapidly decline in price in retail. Only per day the average cost of fuel at the official petrol stations was down 20 cents per liter up to 10.99 UAH. The last time this sort of price level were fixed in the Ukrainian gas stations in July 2017. After reduced propane-butane in retail have never been down further the price of 12.5 UAH./L.

Reducing the cost of fuel specialists is primarily explained by the increase in the size of import of this type of fuel and are not very active season. And so a rapid jump due to mass revision of prices of LPG in the networks of several major distributors.

According to the monitoring consulting group “A-95”, February 5, the price tags have revised almost without exception stations. Instantly by 43 kopecks./l. the price of fuel has decreased in the pump Amic, and Ukrnafta avias “took off” with value 34 and 17 kopecks./l in accordance with this.

OKKO and Wog now “blow out” the LPG in the cylinders of the drivers in 11, 3 and 11.29 UAH./L. Is 30 cents less than in the first day of the week, 4 Feb. Besides lower the price tags push the “gray” charger. For example, in the Kiev region autogas sells even below 10 UAH./L.

Don’t forget to remind what you need to cook Ukrainian motorists in connection with the dualistic scheme of the oil will eventually rise, the price of fuel in filling stations “jumping”.

It is known that raw materials for the manufacture of petroleum products have again started to rise in price. Oil prices scored a gain. On Friday, January 18, the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil was as follows: 61,67 dollar.

Experts summarize that this kind of increase leads to more December a reduction of oil production by OPEC members and rumors about the readiness of the United States of America to cancel duties on import of Chinese products in the period of trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing.

At the same time, in Ukraine, this period refreshed and graded reduction in the price of fuel in filling stations.

So unlike diesel fuel and gasoline, decliners over 3 days for 5 cents, the price of LPG fell instantly to 45 cents. On Saturday, January 19, mediocre power at the price of a liter of fuel A-95 composed of 28.55 UAH, diesel fuel – UAH 28,50, and liquefied gas – UAH 12,27.

Автогаз стремительно падает в цене: дешевле 11 гривен

Автогаз стремительно падает в цене: дешевле 11 гривен