Autopilot Tesla learned to recognize traffic signals

An important feature of electric cars Tesla is that they get updates that add new features. In particular, thereby activating the autopilot function, the work of kotorogo is constantly being improved. As it became known, soon electric cars Elon musk will be much smarter.

Autopilot Tesla is able to drive a car on the highway, follow the specified route, to react to maneuvers and detect obstacles on the road. Now the same system taught to understand the traffic signals and abide by them, reports Electrek.

How does improved autopilot Tesla

The video below shows the Model 3 electric car, which is when the autopilot is able to “see” the traffic lights over the road, recognizing a light on them and reacting accordingly. On green car free rides, but once in front of him turns red – he slows down. While on the dashboard a message appears.

It is reported that the autopilot is also able to recognize and react to stop signs. All this is included in the package Full Self-Driving, which the owners of Tesla electric cars must be purchased separately for $ 7,000. However, while new features are under testing, and there is no information when they will become available to the public.

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