Autopilot Tesla was involved in two accidents

Автопилот Tesla оказался вовлечен сразу в две аварии

Autopilot Tesla once again became an occasion for discussion in the Network. The reason for the withdrawal of the electric vehicle from the accident. A successful outcome of the maneuver turned out was marred by a “kiss ass” by ignoring the norms of “social distance “Dodge”.

Bathed in Network video see the care e-mobile from collision with moving the front trailer. Electric car under the control of the autopilot followed by his band. Automatic control system quickly responded to skid riding on the front of the trailer with the construction technique, however, immediately after the emergency braking in the “Tesla” driven moving behind Dodge Durango. Discarded after hitting the SUV caught moving on the adjacent lane “Toyota Prius”.

It is noteworthy that the larger Dodge was forced to stop immediately after the collision. Much less massive Tesla, in turn, continued moving as if nothing had happened.

Note that the creation of “Tesla” the second day in a row appear in news reports. Names of corresponding reason – the opportunity to experience the benefits of the “Model Y Long Range” for only $499 per month and merged into a Network trying to fill the electric car with gasoline.

Recall that about a month ago autopilot “Tesla” stole a car from flying toward the wheel, and later provoked a massive accident.