Avakov and synchronous Svetlichnaya said about fair elections

Аваков и Светличная синхронно заявили о честных выборах

Regardless of status and position, any provocation against any candidate in presidents of Ukraine will be severely suppressed. About it in the comments of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov wrote the Chairman of the Kharkiv regional administration Julia Svetlichnaya.

In comments Svetlichnaya said that Kharkiv region is ready to the legitimate conduct of the electoral process. A number of actions initiated by the head of the region intended to prevent fraud in the Kharkiv region during the forthcoming elections, – reports a press-service of the Kharkov regional administration.

“No “schemes” to deceive the people, the administrative resources, the buying of votes and other mechanisms of election fraud. In the coming days will hold a coordination meeting with regional law enforcement agencies, community organizations, activists and all involved in the electoral process. Everything must be in strict accordance with the Law. Any provocation against any candidate, regardless of status or position, will be firmly rejected. Position is unambiguous. To choose to be Ukrainians, and not “black technologies” and liars,” – said Svetlichny.

Avakov said that the police are ready to ensure order during the election process and prevent any violations and attempts to affect results of presidential elections in Ukraine.

“In addition to reports of violations, self-monitoring Napolli captures the facts for possible violation of the electoral law and makes decisions about responding,” he said.