Avakov is not so simple: It isn’t a game for Julia

Аваков не так прост: Это - игра не на Юлю

Onwent Havich, a political scientist

Lord of the Ministry of interior, “National corps” and “National teams” Arsen Avakov contrary to popular opinion supports neither Yulia Tymoshenko nor Poroshenko – he just runs the commands directly from Washington.

This is the third day the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov is in Washington. Although the loudest component of the visit is likely to be part of a policy discussion of the U.S. Institute of Peace (United States Institute of Peace) with the presentation “program of de-occupation of Donbass”, it will be a classic “cover operation”.

Yes, at this public event on 12 February will be attended by special representative of the US State Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker and a number of other senior officials of the state Department that “the peacemaker” Avakov will talk about plans for the disfranchisement of the population “freed Donbass” in respect of the election to the Central authorities of Ukraine in 5-10 years, but the most important meeting of interior Minister will be held behind closed doors.

And it’s not about the negotiations on the core line with law enforcement officials and curators of supplies to Ukraine of certain types of ammunition, weapons and equipment. The main purpose of the visit Avakov discussion of the political situation in the country, including the role of the Ministry of internal Affairs and de facto controlled paramilitary structures in the upcoming presidential election.

And the first statement Arsen Borisovich suggests that in Washington he was given carte Blanche for the implementation of previously assigned tasks: the presidential elections in Ukraine in the framework of at least some decorum – not-the “Maidan” after the election, despite the results.

In fact, these targets were set Avakov in April last year during his five-day visit to the United States. Then the interior Minister of Ukraine met with FBI Director Critiera ray, but also with assistant Secretary of state for European and Eurasian Wesson Mitchell, at that time just going to visit Kiev to meet with Poroshenko.

In the fall, the state Department has allocated Avakov special curator – Deputy Secretary for international Affairs Kirsten Madison, who in October of 2018 visited Kiev and after a meeting with interior Minister praised the reform of the police. It was after this Ministry of internal Affairs, administers and border protection, began to prepare a database of voters living abroad using their passports could not vote, that is a classic scheme of fraud in favor of the current government in Western Ukraine, where much of the population went to work.

On February 11, meeting in Washington, DC Kirsten Madison, Avakov appeared on the talk show “Freedom of speech” on the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV, where he made a number of loud statements.

First, he stressed that the leadership of the Ministry of interior and the National police wants to hold presidential elections without bribery, and without fraud, despite pressure at every level, though perhaps “someone was expecting another.”

Secondly, Avakov equated attempts to disrupt the elections through various provocations to treason and called them a threat to independence, and stressed that “as a citizen and as a Minister” to do everything to defend this independence.

And third, according to the Minister, “none of the candidates, regardless of provalnosti or opposition, regardless of brightness or some other personal qualities, will not receive from the police and from the Ministry of any preferences”.

Assessment of Saturday’s events, during which subordinates Avakov first tied hand of the Nazis, Poroshenko under the control of the SBU organization C14, tried to disrupt a rally of Tymoshenko, and then had their apology to let in the air of ICTV channel was extremely hard: “it is unacceptable that the headquarters of one candidate sends a battle group to the rally for another candidate.”

Although media consultant Timoshenko Aleksey Mustafin skeptically commented on this statement in Facebook saying, “while the names are not called – will send”, in fact the addressee of the words of the interior Minister of the obvious is the current President.

In this sensational post Avakov in Facebook on the night of 10 February, in which he wrote that “It is not the policy, not the election campaign – it’s BL*dstvo, so we don’t get adequate power, we will receive the power fucking, in this new cycle of hatred, not able to create, and capable only of hatred”, in fact, was not addressed to the Ukrainian politicians, and to overseas curators. The purpose of this “cry from the heart” was a demonstration of how hard the head of the interior Ministry to execute the commands from Washington and the difficult conditions in which to work.

A cry was heard: after a meeting with Mrs. Madison Avakov said that the Department of State of the United States is ready to support the program of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine on providing housing to about 200 thousand policemen and rescue workers on the terms of the lease. The first mortgage contract for 20 years with the condition of full repayment of interest by the interior Ministry and the bonus repayment to 40% of the cost of housing Minister has promised to his subordinates in March – say, has already collected more than 5 thousand applications in the framework of “motivational programs”.

So “dogs Avakov” will compete not so much with the election fraud and “Maidan” after them as for “booth” over my head, for which they will fulfill any orders.

Аваков не так прост: Это - игра не на Юлю

Аваков не так прост: Это - игра не на Юлю