Aviakatastrofe in Russia: among the dead were a powerful and influential official

Авиактастрофа в России: среди погибших оказался влиятельный чиновник

The plane crashed in the Khabarovsk territory, was a high-ranking Russian civil servant

27 April light aircraft Yak-18 crashed in a wooded area. Representatives of the regional government told reporters new details of the crash.

Earlier it became known that the crash occurred in the Khabarovsk region close to the airfield “Kalinka”. Two people had an accident in a light twin aircraft Yak-18. After the collision, none of those who were on Board survived.

In the regional administration found out the identity of the victims. As it turned out, in the crash of a Yak-18 in the Khabarovsk region killed Vladimir Levshin, who worked as an influential official. He served as head of the Federation of aviation sports of the Far East. During the crash, he was on Board an aircraft as a passenger. With him died the pilot by the name of Lankin.

According to preliminary information, the crashed plane before the crash was engine failure. Now experts find out the true cause of the crash. The Russian media writes, experts consider three versions of what happened: error of piloting, technical malfunction of the vessel, adverse weather conditions.

It should be noted that the model of the Yak-18 is used in civil aviation of Russia. As a rule, on this plane, the members of the air club for the first time to rise in the sky and are trained.

Earlier, the incident occurred on Board the aircraft with the Russians in the sky. Plane Superjet 100-95B, which was flying from Riga to Sheremetyevo depressurization. In the air the pilots started filing emergency distress signal and to decline sharply.

Soon the aircraft was urgently returned to the airport of Riga. In place of his expected rescuers and a brigade “first aid”. The press service of “Aeroflot” denies the activation signal distress. According to preliminary information, the plane returned to the airport Riga because of a collision with a bird. Now airport officials figure out what happened.

Авиактастрофа в России: среди погибших оказался влиятельный чиновник

Авиактастрофа в России: среди погибших оказался влиятельный чиновник