“Avtobroker” will not become a powerful party, – the expert – 24 Channel

"Автоєвросила" не зможе стати потужною партією, – експерт - 24 Канал

It is doubtful that the organization “Avtobroker” will turn into a party. These are people United is situational, which defend their economic interests.

The opinion 24 of the channel expressed by the political expert Alexander Leonov.

Broshar aimed more to have something to pull out from the state, than to give something back, to build. They are interested in a specific selfish goals, not politics. They are fighting for your financial interest. And I don’t want to go further. A party activist has to defend some abstract things: freedom, democracy. So the political prospects of the enterprises it is on this platform questionable
– Alexander Leonov.

In addition, says the analyst, though, on the one hand, bramshaw lot, on the other, they have their different political preferences. Such attempts in Ukraine was. For example, the Party of pensioners. Seniors very much, but in the election the party showed the result to one percent.

But, as the expert, would have been more significant effect if “Avtobroker” created a public organization that would deal with the problems and protection of motorists. They could carry on a conversation with the government, the Parliament, would connect to the drafting of legislation. Because it is often not enough constructive criticism. We or treason, or victory. And no one makes a concrete plan of action. And then could mazhoritarke to have several representatives in Parliament.

Recall, November 8, the Verkhovna Rada passed the second bill, concerning import to Ukraine of cars on avtonomera. Activists and owners of “probleh” was dissatisfied with the innovation. From November 7, near the Verkhovna Rada passed a protest of car owners in a foreign registration. “Problemer” required deputies to adopt laws that will reduce the excise duty on customs clearance of cars. In the first reading the relevant draft law was adopted in July.

"Автоєвросила" не зможе стати потужною партією, – експерт - 24 Канал
Customs clearance “probleh” under the new law: how to calculate excise tax

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