“AvtoVAZ” had to postpone the reduction of the shift due to the growth of sales

«АвтоВАЗу» пришлось отложить сокращение смен из-за роста продаж

Five days remain on the plant until the end of August.

In April it became known that AVTOVAZ has decided to introduce four-day working week from June 29 due to the fall of the market. This decision was preliminary. The company hoped that the situation will begin to improve – and so it happened.

“The management of AVTOVAZ took a decision on maintaining a full work week in July and August, 2020 in connection with the growth compared to the previous month orders for new cars in July and August with the dealers, partners, organizations and agencies engaged in corporate and government procurement. This leads to a corresponding increase in production,” reports “VAZ TV”.

It is noted that the positive impact of enhanced measures to support demand and the gradual lifting of sanitary restrictions in most parts of the country and opening of dealerships.

According to experts, in 2020 in the best case in Russia, the demand for new cars will fall by 30%. In the worst – 50%. Therefore, AVTOVAZ foresees the introduction of a 4-day working week from 31 August. It is necessary to maintain jobs and staff in the event of a negative scenario of situation development on the market in the fall. Final decision will be made in late summer.

However, in may the sales of AVTOVAZ fell by 42% compared to last year. For the last month of summer was realized 16 663 cars of the Russian producer

“The decision to maintain for the summer mode of full working week it is very important for the company and for our team. This is difficult for all of the period, thanks to the taken measures support the industry from the President of Russia and the gradual lifting of sanitary restrictions, we see the beginning of a positive trend in the recovery of the Russian automotive market. Of course, it is very difficult to predict whether it will maintain the trend of recovery of the market sustained positive momentum. On this basis we decide on the schedule after the summer months,” – said the President of “AVTOVAZ” IV Karakatsanis.