Avvakumov day 15 Dec: the main Orthodox traditions

Аввакумов день 15 декабря: главные православные традиции

On 15 December the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the prophet Habakkuk. Habakkuk was the eighth of the twelve small biblical prophets, its named after a book in the old Testament.

In people, this day is called “Habakkuk”, Abakum, “Avvakumov day.”

On this day in Russia was supposed to drive away from small children bats – evil spirits of the female sex, which, as believed by our ancestors, are hostile to the people and give toddlers insomnia, nightmares, crying and screaming.

It was believed that to see the bats was impossible, but you can otkrichat, to speak out, to smoke, to pass. For this child took at the hands and at dawn said: “dawn-summer lightning, fair maiden, morning, afternoon, Daria, come, take denna Creek and Meridian polumrak, take it to the dark forest in a distant land, blue for sea, yellow Sands, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.” In addition, it was possible to propose a conspiracy on the water.

If this day was a lot of snow, it promised a thick and juicy grass in the summer.