Awakowicz and tyagniboka was making a mess live

The TV channel “Magnolia TV” grappled the adviser to the interior Minister Vladimir Martynenko and former Crimean tyagniboka, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the previous convocation from the “Svoboda” Eduard Leonov

Former colleagues on the Maidan represented different perspectives on the beating of militiamen C14 Nazis who stormed a police station in Kiev, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“Let us as citizens of Ukraine consider the case when the force storm, go to the door of the police Department, where non-lethal weapons, weapons, which is a protected regime object. Let’s just figure out a name for this whole process, which is now broadcast all the channels, as to what these patriots, young boys under Patriotic slogans…” – began Martynenko.

“Under the slogan “Bring back our stuff!” Do not lie! “Give back our stuff!” This is a robbery!” – shouted Leon.

“If you want to measure voice, compete out of the ether. I will continue to…” – said the adviser Avakov

“I’ll determine where I compared voice and than I also with you to be measured!” – snapped tyagniboka.

“To measure yourself, and I will continue. I am talking about the legal assessment of all that happened there,” began Martynenko.

“There was a storm or not?” – asked the presenter.

“No, wait! There was a robbery or not?” again got Leonov.

“There is investigation, filed three criminal cases by the police of Kiev concerning the actions of the protesters, on the other hand there is the state Bureau of investigation, which checks all the actions of law enforcement from early in the morning from detention on Kontraktova square before protesters released. About assault no debate, I think the Ukrainian society itself will evaluate…” – said the representative of the interior Ministry, however, Leonov was again interrupted.

“Society has estimated the so-called law enforcement officers! And those who are accused of murder of Maidan protesters and continue to work in the police not called? I’m the victim!” – hysteria tyagniboka.

“And tell me, as a “victim”, I may not be on the Maidan was where you were? And how many people who specifically are charged with, are currently working in the law enforcement system? By name!” – boiled Martynenko.

“By name? Well, I’m sure today will manifest on the page in “Facebook”, said Svoboda.

“Now what!” – demanded Avakov’s adviser.

“No, on the page in “Facebook”, every geek!” – gave “back” Leonov.

“This is not the topic of the program,” he closed the dispute by the presenter.