Award of citizen of Europe for the reception of migrants

Премия гражданина Европы за приём мигрантов

“The award of citizen of Europe” was presented on Tuesday, dozens of winners from all EU countries. Including Italian Antonio Calo, who sheltered in his family African migrants reach Italy through the Mediterranean sea.

The Kahlo family lives in the house at the Church of San Michele Arcangelo in Treviso, in the Veneto region. In the summer of Euronews talked in detail about the initiative Kahlo.

Antonio Kahlo, winner of the European citizen’s Prize: “History teaches us that if today our help is in need of someone else, tomorrow may need help ourselves. We never need to forget about it. Thanks to the European Union we live peacefully. And the world, this is only possible thanks to the principle of tolerance. If Europe will lose him, we lose our identity and we will come to an end”.

The family Kahlo received the money on the maintenance of migrants from European funds and from the Italian non-governmental organizations. The money helped to ensure that migrants not only shelter, but work. According to them, now they feel well integrated into Italian society.

GA Orlandi, Euronews: “No Italian political figure besides President Sergio Mattarella, never met with Antonio Calo and his family. The President he gave him the medal of honor. Thanks to the prize, which he received today in Brussels, Mr Kalo hopes to extend its model of migrants throughout Europe. The minimum task – the repetition of the experiment in at least 6 countries”.

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