Azarov: the Statement of Yatsenyuk about the remains of 108 thousand UAH for CEN – evidence of lack of professionalism

Азаров: Заявление Яценюка об остатках 108 тыс. грн на ЕКС - свидетельство непрофессионализма

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said in “the Big interview” with Pavel Kuzeeva on the status of the single Treasury account at the time when his Prime Minister was replaced by Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

“Financial things. 108 thousand UAH in the single Treasury account,” – said Yatsenyuk in an interview to “Censor” about the early days on the Prime Minister in 2014.

Predecessor Yatsenyuk and Azarov contends that such statements indicate the lack of professionalism, because a single Treasury account is the focus of many accounts of budgetary organizations, and the movement of funds happens all the time. According to Azarov, the situation in which the Treasury account is “zero” or “minus”, does not mean disaster.

“I have heard many times (on the balance of the single Treasury account 108 thousand UAH, – ed). The statement Yatsenyuk is evidence of his extreme incompetence… In January 2014 across the country was paid on time wages, pensions and all social benefits. Was funded by all programs. Consolidated Treasury account – this account many thousands of budget organizations. Every day on these accounts received any income and every day with these accounts are funded some costs. So there may be days when Treasury account accumulate billions (paying taxes or the national Bank transferred the excess of income over expenditure), and in the following days, in accordance with the budgetary list, the Treasury sends the money. And they spent. And it may happen that on the Treasury account can be zero. And it can even appear for the red line. Usually when the Central Treasury account goes through their costs (e.g. the expense of a billion, and we spent that day the two billion), i.e. we climbed into the accounts of local councils, they took the money that they are on the remains, and has funded its costs. But this means that in the next day or the day after, we will restore these costs. And for all these four years that I worked as Prime Minister and before that Minister of Finance for four years, but this is still in the tax, such situations were many. And when the level of the Prime Minister, that stuff brings the whole country that he had received 100 thousand UAH…”, – Azarov said.

Single Treasury account is a “consolidated account of State Treasury of Ukraine NBU for amounts due and settlement”. TSA consolidates the state and local budgets, funds of obligatory state social insurance, funds of other clients, the service which is carried out by bodies of the State Treasury and is subject to legislation. The amount of funds in the TSA is constantly changing.

After that, MP max Bourbaki published a response to the request from the Treasury, which says that on February 27, 2014 in the TSA really was 108 thousand UAH.

Mykola Azarov from 2010 to 2014 he held the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, was twice acting Prime Minister twice held the position of first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Ukraine.

28 January 2014 Azarov resigned from the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine. After his resignation, he left Ukraine and went to Austria. Subsequently, the Azarov family settled in Russia without renouncing Ukrainian citizenship. From June 2014 Azarov is in the investigation Department of the SBU.

Азаров: Заявление Яценюка об остатках 108 тыс. грн на ЕКС - свидетельство непрофессионализма