Azerbaijan banned the sale of ice cream from “Russian Crimea” thanks to the vigilance of Ukrainian tourists

В Азербайджане запретили продажу мороженого из "российского Крыма" благодаря бдительности украинских туристов

Embassy of Ukraine in Azerbaijan has made implementation of the prohibition of books which occupied Crimea is shown as Russian and stopped selling ice-cream from Peninsula. It is reported by the governmental courier.

The publication reports that Ukrainian citizens located in Azerbaijan at the end of last year, discovered in a retail network, ice-cream, on the label which the manufacturer and place of manufacture stated: “Dobroe, OOO: 295034, Russia, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, St. Kuibyshev, house 29, room 107”.

Tourists did not stop at that returned this product sellers. The Ukrainians appealed to the Embassy of our country in Azerbaijan. The Embassy has asked the authorities to ban the sale of identified products and to prevent the importation into the territory of the country, as it is contrary to the official position of Azerbaijan in support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“Urgently held meeting of the Ambassador of Ukraine Oleksandr Mishchenko with the leadership of relevant ministries and departments of Azerbaijan for urgent measures to block all channels of delivery and sale of products, which challenged the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The police instructed to withdraw all products from the trade network, where the Ukrainian Crimea is shown as Russian territory. Of the bookstores withdrew the book, atlases, textbooks, encyclopedias Russian publishers, in which the Ukrainian Crimea is shown as Russian territory”, – stated in the message.

As reported in the press service of the Embassy, the latest monitoring carried out on 24 December 2018, showed awareness of shop owners to ban the importation and sale of anti-Ukrainian literature, in that it is practically not in stores, where it previously sold. The Embassy keeps the issue under control and is in constant communication with law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan and the citizens of Ukraine through the “hot line”.