“Bad hostess tableware gives out”: 5 things that should not be in the kitchen

«Плохую хозяйку посуда выдает»: 5 вещей, которых не должно быть на кухне

The expert explained how to distinguish a good owner from the bad, thanks to kitchenware.

In the modern world there is a huge selection of kitchen utensils, which could easily turn the head to present the hostess, after all, facilitates work, saves time and simply fits into the design. But apart from that the kitchens are gathering dust absolutely useless things that once seemed very necessary, but has not found its application. How to distinguish good things from bad, and business woman who loves to collect stuff?

The first thing that catches the eye on the “bad” kitchen and the plastic disposable tableware. It is good for picnics, but the kitchen is better to keep high-quality glass, rather than paper cups, which are only needed for visiting parties. A huge number of plastic containers also makes no sense, it will be enough 2-3 different sizes, and in order to carry food with them, you can purchase stylish lunchbox.

The second thing that should not be, is a dish towel that is used for everything. Wipe hands, wipe the table, the dishes, you better to use different towels, wipe the table with a microfiber cloth. Thus, from such a small object will be impossible to do the dirtiest place in the house.

Temporary furniture is the third thing to throw away. Plastic bins, wobbly dish drying rack well suited for rented apartments in which after each removal they can be thrown away so as not to wash the fat. But in your home better smart to invest in quality things that will last for years and won’t look cheap.

Useless food occupy the fourth position in the list. A huge number of boxes and packages in which there are 100 grams of rice, buckwheat, different cereals, the remains of the seasonings and the bottles in the oils are worthless. There is no sense to store all that takes place, better get rid of leftovers, and condiments to buy the paper trays that you can refill.

The last, fifth place in the list goes not to the subject, and the curtains or blinds in the kitchen. If the window is near the stove, grease and odor is inevitable. A good hostess needs to wash the curtain every one to two weeks, and blinds wipe as often as possible. The fabric has the ability to keep for a long time an unpleasant smell, and in this case, no amount of air fresheners will not help.