Bad sign: in the Crimea massive sea of dolphins. This was not

Плохое знамение: в Крыму массовый мор дельфинов. Такого не было

The black sea, which once was famous for its unique flora and fauna, turns into a huge swamp of toxic waste. The inhabitants of the sea are disappearing. Another terrible sign is a massive sea of dolphins.

On the extinction of these wonderful aquatic mammals was reported by specialists of public organization “the Tranquil sea” in the Crimea.

This organization works to save dolphins stranded. But not all animals are able to save, because their internal organs damaged by toxins.

The researchers published the shocking results of Toxicological studies of the internal organs of seven dolphins to three azawak, two belobochka and two bottlenose dolphins.

All animals died from severe diseases.

To conduct all relevant tests, the experts took 15 samples: muscle tissue, liver and kidneys.

It was found that mammalian tissues contain very high concentrations of heavy metals such as cadmium, zinc, iron, chromium, aluminium and magnesium.

Moreover, in the liver of two bottlenose dolphins discovered a huge concentration of mercury exceeding the admissible norm by 500 times!

According to environmentalists, the dolphins were severely depleted, and they have observed multiple organ failure.

Analysis of tissues taken from seven of the dolphins leads to the conclusion that heavy metals and mercury accumulate in the ecosystem of the Black sea for a very long time.

To clean the water from toxic substances is practically impossible. The Russian authorities continue to dump into the sea toxic waste. Fuel, reactors, chemicals, which leave behind ships, do not give the sea any chance at survival.

The situation is aggravated by mining, killing the ecosystem, and mass fishing.